Truefly Fly Rods

A no nonsense fly rod that delivers exceptional performance at an extremely competitive price point, these rods work on every level... Truefly



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These new Truefly rods offer a significant leap forwards in terms of value and performance.

The blanks are slim, fast in their action and ideal for generating line speed and distance casting.

With some modern fly lines featuring longer and often heavier front tapers, stiffer actioned rods can often be safe bet.

These particular rod are a big favourite with competition angler Craig Barr, the stiff action allows him to, cast far with very little in the way of false casting, set the hook at range and pay fish hard.

The cork is AAA grade, offering perfect grip and long life, the rings are all hard chrome for durability and the reel seat is finished with a 3K carbon spacer detailing to reduce weight.

There are six fly rods in the Truefly range

  • The 9ft 5-wt will handle most small water fishing applications as well as being a 'go-to' rod for dry fly fishing on larger rivers.
  • The perfect casting tool the 9ft 6-wt will do a job on all manner of venues, with ease.
  • Covering all manner of 'light line' bank fishing the 9ft 6-wt offers a host of opportunities that heavier outfits can't.
  • For boat or bank work this rod has it all, from nymphs to lures, it'll take everything its stride.
  • The number one boat rod, 10ft 7-wts rule the roost and it's no wonder, as they offer the angler so much in terms of performance and presentation.
  • An out and out powerhouse, this 10ft 8-wt is a real favourite with competition angler Craig Barr, power and ease of use makes it his first choice when on a boat.
  • Extremely responsive casting action designed to suit the modern stillwater angler
  • Multi-modulus carbon for super slim and lightweight construction
  • 3K Carbon fibre reel seat with Wywchood logo
  • Premium grade AAA cork handle
  • Section labelling
  • Precise single line rated four-piece construction
  • Compact cordura rod tube with shoulder strap
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